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About the Clinic

Cascade Medical Centre is a family practice clinic providing primary care services, preventative medicine and overall health and wellness to the residents of Princeton and area. Healthcare is delivered by a team of Family Physicians.

Visits for patients without a family physician are usually provided by vacancy locum physicians. Please contact the clinic with any inquiries for appointments so staff can direct you appropriately. All results for patients without a physician are reviewed by one of our GP's.

Cascade Medical Centre is not a walk-in clinic. Our physicians each have their own patients within their practice that they provide care for.


The clinic is co-located with Princeton General Hospital providing patients with accessible care to the lab, x-ray, physiotherapy, emergency services, social work, community care nursing and public health – all in one convenient location!

Access to Specialists – Shared Care


Shared Care is a collaborative initiative that brings specialist physicians to Princeton to provide local on-site specialist consultation appointments. Services presently being covered include Nephrology, Respirology, Rheumatology, Cardiology, Urology, Pediatrics and Psychiatry. To access these specialists a referral from your GP is required.

Community Support Worker

Formerly known as a GP for Me, the Community Outreach Worker is a new and vital role in our community that is helping patients in the Princeton area that have nowhere to turn to for assistance or no knowledge of where to turn. This program works hand in hand with our GP’s, Nurse Practitioners and our health care nurses. The aim is to help take some of the load off of our health care providers and to assist in meeting a variety of needs for certain patients in order to help improve their psycho-social well being.

The community outreach worker requires a referral from a practitioner, however if you are in need of assistance, please contact our office.

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