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Congratulations Dr. Ella Monro

Dr. Monro was recently nominated and won the "My Family Doctor Award" for the Interior Health Region.

The BCCFP My Family Doctor Award provides British Columbians with the opportunity to recognize and honour their own family doctors, celebrating the doctor-patient relationship that supports good health. Five family physicians are selected annually – one from each health authority.

New locum policy

1. Patients will not be advised in advance when there is a locum covering for their regular family physician (with exceptions for pap smears and other intimate exams).


2. Patients may decline to see the locum for their booked appointment. You will be rebooked for the next available non-urgent appointment available. Please be aware this may cause a delay in your care.


3. This policy has been enacted by the physician group after careful consideration. If you have any questions or concerns, please discuss with your family physician. Please be respectful to the front-end staff and the visiting locum when you encounter this situation next.





Our clinic has been experiencing difficulties in recruiting and retaining locum physicians, which then affects our ability to retain our permanent physicians.


In the past, a large number of patients have declined seeing our locums, instead preferring to wait to see their regular family doctor when they return. We understand this desire, but unfortunately it leads to a worsening backlog of patients for the family doctor to see when they return from their break; waitlists are longer, patients are unhappy, and the time off becomes counterproductive.  Patients refusing to see locums also makes the locums less likely to return because they are paid by the visit and are unlikely to return if they can explore more lucrative jobs elsewhere.


Having returning locums is a very important part of physician retention and recruitment. Many of the current fulltime physicians working in Princeton were previous locums or medical trainees who visited Princeton. If there are less locums our full time physicians cannot take time off, which leads to burnout and possible loss of these full time physicians.


Our locums are fully qualified physicians who have access to the complete medical record created by your family doctor including clinic visit notes, medications, labs results, investigations, ER visits and specialist consults.  A locum can also give your issue “a fresh set of eyes” as they have the benefit of approaching your medical issue anew, possibly picking up on things that have been overlooked or providing different advice which you might find helpful. 



Thank you for your understanding.

We are excited to announce that we have been working on a new online booking system that will allow patients to book a telephone visit appointment with their physician. If you require an office visit or you are not yet attached to a GP here at the clinic, please continue to phone and book appointments.


Patients can self-register at

Once you are registered, log onto and start booking!

* Please note this booking system does not include locum physicians, therefore if your GP is away, a longer booking time may show, please contact our office for urgent appointments. Patients are still welcome to call our office at 250-295-4482 for an appointment to book either in person or via phone.

Cascade Launches Online Booking System - Health Myself


New Patients

Looking for a family physician? Fill out our Request for Attachment form and return it to the clinic to be put on our waitlist.  Patients must live in Princeton, and surrounding area including Hedley residents.


Please provide as much detail as possible on this form, as we are prioritizing patients with high medical needs. This includes patients with chronic illnesses, mental health diagnoses, chronic pain, addictions as well as very elderly and very young people.

Thinking of moving to Princeton? New resident of Princeton?  Check out our information page regarding care available, clinic info and recommendations before you move.

Teaching Clinic

Please be advised that we often have medical students, residents and training Nurse Practitioners at our clinic and they may participate in your patient encounter. All trainees work under the supervision and direction of a physician or NP. Please be courteous to our medical trainees – they are the future of healthcare in BC!

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